News Videos

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This is the place to find the videos that the WOGE staff members share the news with OGES everyday.  Come and take a look and see what is happening on WOGE.  Click on the link below to see the videos from all the broadcasts.  Also please subscribe to the Youtube channel to support our school as well.  Thanks for supporting OGES.

Click  WOGE to enjoy all of the videos.

The members of WOGE are as follows:

Group 1
Izzie Birchfield
Gracie Hess
Alexis Humphries
Mason McCraw
Will Phillips

Group 2
Chloe Barsanti
Carrington Myrick
Melaya Pennington
Kyler Pollastrini
Audrey Scott

Group 3
Jackson Cliett
Alex Elliott
Sarah Findley
Katelyn Rogers
Anya Ruffin