Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad

I am so proud of my team! At UWA-

We won:

1st in Pastamobile with Daven Kirkpatrick and Owen Griffice

2nd in Mystery Architecture with Daven Kirtkpatrick and Cayden Jackson

3rd in Write it Do It with Bethany Baughn and Calli Edmondson

3rd in Starry Starry Night with Bethany Baughn and Olivia Beck



 Pinson. Great work team!

1st Simple Machines - Cayden Jackson and Olivia Beck

Tennis ball Catapult –John Hart Turner and Calli Edmondson

Mystery Architecture -Daven Kirkpatrick and Cayden Jackson

Pasta Transport- Daven Kirkpatrick and Owen Griffice

Pond Study- Seth Fox and Owen Griffice

Science Decades- Owen Griffice

Modern Minds- Maddie Gardner and Owen Griffice

2nd Write it Do It- Bethany Baughn, Calli Edmondson, Olivia Beck and Maddie Gardner

Paper Rockets -Hunter Parson and Caden Kirkpatrick

Free Fall -Jimmy Loats and Brennen Northcut

Density –Daven Kirkpatrick and Hunter Parsons 3rd

Mystery Powders- Maddie Gardner and Olivia Beck

Super Sleuths-Jimmy Loats and Brennen Northcutt

Grab a Gram-John Hart and Cooper Robinson

Everyone won a medal some more than one.



Special thanks to my Science Olympiad Parents and my kids for all they do! We won

1st in Pastamobile Daven Kirkpatrick, Caden KirkpatricK, Olivia Beck, and Owen Griffice.

2nd in Cool it Olivia Beck and Hunter Parsons, 

4th in large number estimation with Jimmie Loats and Brennen Northcutt,

5th in Food for thought with Maddie Gardner and Olivia Beck

6th in leaf and Tree finder with Jimmie Loats and John Hart Turner

8th in Pond study with Owen Griffice and Madison Ovey.

We went against 30 plus school at Auburn University. Very Proud of my team! I also got to see my daughter! Thanks for a wonderful day guys!