Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad

I am very proud of my 2017 team this year! They did a awesome job! We learned so much this year! Thank you all!

Auburn University Science Olympiad Competition

1st Leaf and Tree finder – Jackson Bonnett and Cooper Robinson (Haylee Parsons)

2nd Cool it – Will Smith and Chloe Fox

3rd Write it Do it – Madion Olvey and Calli Edmondson

4th Paper Rockets – Brennen Northcutt and Caden Kirkpatrick

6th Wildlife – Chloe Barsanti and Izzie Birchfield

7th Cool It with – Chloe Baranti and Izzie Birchfield

7th Graph a Graph – Callie Edmondson and Madison Olvey

9th Mystery Arc – Calli Edmonson and Haylee Parsons

9th Food for thought – Haylee Parsons

Center Point Science Olympiad Competition

5th Mystery Powders – Callie and Madison

5th Paper Rockets  – Brennen and Caden 

1st place in Decades  – John Hart and Cooper

3rd in Pond Study  – Seth and Madison

4th Crash Landing  – Cooper and Calli

5th Super Slueths – Brennen and Jimmy 

4th Where in the World  – Calli and Mason

2nd calculator contest  – Brennen

5th Rubber Band Catapult – Hampton and Seth

3rd Weather or Not – Jackson and Mason

UWA Science Olympiad Competition

1st Solid, Liquid Gas – Caden Kirkpatrick

1st Write it do it – Jackson Bonnett and Calli Edmondson

1st Egg Drop – Cooper Robinson and Steven Shearer

2nd Cool It – Jed Lee and Hunter Parsons

2nd Measurement and Metric – Izzie Birchfield

2nd Deep Blue Sea – Will Phillips and Chloe Fox

3rd Pasta Mobile – Madison Olvey and John Hart Turner

3rd Name that Scientist – Jackson Bonnett

3rd Mystery Architecture – Chloe Barsanti

Winners  Jacksonville Science Olympiad

 4th Boggle Science – Calli Edmondson, Brennen Northcutt

4th Bridging the Gap– Will Phillips, Haylee Parsons

4th Going Green- Caden Kirkpatrick, Chloe Fox

5th Crash Landing– Cooper Robinson, Seth Fox

6th Which way is North – Caden Kirkpatrick, Hunter Parsons


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