First Priority

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First Priority is a bible study club for students in grades 3-5, and we meet on Wednesday mornings in the art room.  Each student that comes to the meetings has to have a form signed by a parent giving permission for their child to attend the meetings and that's all you have to do to join.
We have a great time learning about God, how God made us, what we need to do to know God better and having a daily walk with Him.  We have a curriculum that we go by and teach the students.  All of the bible verses have hand motions with them that make it much easier for the students to learn and to teach others.  We are in session for about 20-25 mins, so we get in as much bible time as we can in those precious 20-25 mins.
I am working on getting some bibles for the students to use or the students are more than welcome to bring their own bible from home to use during our meetings.  I love to see these students on fire for Jesus Christ, it just does my heart good to see it.

Any questions about First Priority contacted the following:
Michelle Ray   205-379-2450     Email 
Melissa Pierce 205-379-2450