Newcomb Travel Team

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The travel Newcomb team consists of fifth graders that make the team through our tryouts at school. We take two teams to the tournaments: a boys team and a girls team and each team consists of up to 12 players on each team.
Both teams will attend a minimum of one tournament in Jefferson County and play against other Jefferson County Schools.  Depending on the outcome of that tournament depends if they continue to the next tournament.
The following boys and girls are members of the 2017-2018 Newcomb team:
Frejean Achelis Chloe Barsanti
Payton Barnhill Izzie Birchfield
Brody Black Madison Contreras
Karter Brockman Cheyenne Criddle
Kaden Brockman Aleah Dye
Olen Bryant Gracie Hess
Elijah Hill Alexis Humphryes
Zachary Howard Jazlyn McBrayer
Weston Hyche Rebecca Mullins
Nathan Jones Maggie Perry
Jaden Martin Natalie Renz
Kyler Pollastrini Audrey Scott
Devon Rowry Emily Tucker