School Info

School Hours:

7:25 am  - 2:50 pm 

Main Telephone Line:


Fax Phone Number:


School Address:

9000 Tiger Cub Trail
Bessemer, Alabama 35023


Mission Statement

The mission of the Oak Grove Elementary School is to provide rigorous learning environment with engaging instruction focused on student success.

Vision Statement

The vision of Oak Grove Elementary is to provide teaching and learning for all.

OGES Philosophy

- All students can learn.

- Each child has the ability and right to be a worthwhile contributor to society.

- Each child should be provided with a stable environment conducive to learning where the child will be stimulated, challenged and accepted, and disciplined.

- Students should acquire problem-solving and decision making skills in order to work cooperatively with peers and those in authority.

- The school is a reflection of the community and should facilitate extracurricular learning and enrichment as community needs dictate.

- Educators must accommodate various learning styles and provide experiences with new, innovative ideas and technology.

- An effective elementary school lays educational foundations for developing skills and initiative in each child to become an independent learner, able to live happily, effectively, and responsibly, in this rapidly changing, culturally diverse society.