Safety Patrol

The members of the Safety Patrol keep our students safe here at OGES.  Safety Patrol members are made up of all fifth grade students.  They are recommended by their teachers if they are interested in doing the job.  They open car doors for students in the morning, they patrol the halls and keep students safe, they help out in the lunchroom as well.  The Safety Patrol members are very important to our school and we appreciate them very much.  We also appreciate Mrs. Brooks for being the sponsor of the Safety Patrol and being a wonderful mentor to these wonderful students that help out our school.
Here are the 2017-2018 Safety Patrol members:
Conner Allen Mason McCraw
Payton Barnhill Lauren Manderson
Kohen Blake Jaden Martin
Izzie Birchfield Rebecca Mullins
Caden Broadhead Carrington Myrick
Kaden Brockman Wyatt Oliver
Karter Brockman Will Phillips
Madison Contreras Kaitlyn Rogers
Gracie Hess DeVon Rowry
Eli Hill Audrey Scott
Alexis Humphyres Sarah Speakman
Ember Humphryes Emily Tucker
Jazlyn McBrayer