Newcomb Travel Team

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2013 Boys and Girls
Newcomb Team

The Newcomb Travel Teams are led by Ms. Frazier (K Teacher), Mrs. Sellers (4th Grade Teacher), and Ms. Turner (RLC Teacher).  There are two teams (boys and girls) consisting of fifth grade students.  The teams are selected through a tryout process that is open to all fifth grade students. 

The 2014-2015 roster is as follows:


  1. Nicole Alford
  2. Shelby Cliett 
  3. Lexi Epperson
  4. Nicole Fields
  5. Madison Ford
  6. Bella Holliday
  7. Maggie Jones
  8. Tessa Maxwell
  9. Hailey Norris
  10. Aubrey Stanberry



  1. Michael Carrier
  2. Jackson Easterwood
  3. Hank Elliot    
  4. Noah Goodwin
  5. Kole Haggard
  6. Nathan Hardin
  7. Kenya Lafitaga
  8. Peyton Lee   
  9. Kace Praytor
  10. Thomas Praytor
  11. Jake Roberts